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Born Digital Wine Awards with Vinventions


Wine2wine, a forum dedicated to the wine industry, has been nominated by the Born Digital Wine Awards for the Innovation Award. The competition now in its seventh year, aims to recognize quality online content related to the world of wine, ranging from articles to audiovisual and photographic content, it is also embracing relatively new means of communications such as podcasts. In addition to content produced in six different languages (English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish), the competition is divided into:

  • Best visual story-telling (photos, videos or images);
  • Best interview (text, video or podcast);
  • Best reportage focused on wine tourism (text or video);
  • Best wine editorial content (text).

Monty Waldin, Adam Teeter, Chris Scott, and Zach Geballe at wine2wine 2018 after the seminar “Wine podcasts around the world: the craft of audio storytelling”

In addition to these five traditional categories, there are two other categories: the Sustainability Award, which recognizes environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for the wine industry, and the Innovation Award, which welcomes nominations that tell the stories of individuals or companies that have challenged the status quo, helping to develop the wine industry and make it more dynamic and modern.

For the latter category, applications are not evaluated directly by the Born Digital Wine Awards, but instead by Vinventions, a partner company during the 2018 edition and a leading company in the field of wine bottle closures. The company defines its concept of “innovation” as a force capable of bringing positive change to our society, an entity capable of creating revolutionary products and technologies and consequently, new markets. In the evaluation of the five best entries, four criteria are taken into account:

  • THE CONCEPT: the proposed candidate must show they have a problem solving focus, but also and above all, they must show they are active in creating new opportunities and markets.
  • THE VALUE ADDED: the costs, advantages and needs created by the candidate project, as well as its originality, are examined.
  • THE DELIVERY: the initiative taken is evaluated not only for its contiguous value, but also for how it is presented and promoted to the public.
  • THE IMPACT: an estimate is made of the sustainability and social and economic impact of the project, in order to estimate whether it is feasible or not in the long term.

Five candidates considered to be particularly interesting were nominated based on the above four criteria, namely, A Balanced Glass; Enolytics; Robert Joseph; VINEX and wine2wine. However, in the end, there could be only one victor and Vinventions justified their final choice saying,

Since the candidate wine2wine strives to help Italian wine producers to exploit new technological means and digital media to develop businesses, both nationally and internationally, it stands out in its efforts to take education and training to a higher level. At Vinventions we firmly believe the power of education has the potential to broaden horizons and help the world of industry see the future.

Education is the backbone of wine2wine, it is an event that unfolds over two days and it includes seminars and wine workshops, tastings, innovative product booths and so much more. Speakers are invited from within Italy as well as internationally, they cover a wide range of topics such as, marketing, digital marketing and brand communication. The aim is not only to offer professionals and enthusiasts in the wine sector an opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas, but also to educate large and small producers on new technologies and the potential they represent, especially regarding digital media.

wine2wine 2018 - Armando Corsi e il Wine Lexicon Project

Armando Corsi during the W2WLab dedicated to the Wine Lexicon Project

Many Italian wineries are in fact small in size and therefore lack the resources to invest in this sector, in fact, this area is often considered of secondary importance. However, wine2wine tries to impart the message that if these tools are used properly, they could become a resource at relatively low cost and with high yield. For this reason, wine2wine is committed to the diffusion of digital resources applied to the world of wine, encouraging Italian wine professionals to reevaluate their working methods.

Wine2wine itself is committed to constant renewal and improvement – first of all, the event was initially held in April, in conjunction with the Vinitaly season, but it was later moved to the end of November, corresponding to the end of the harvest. This change in date was meant to be in-line with the reduction in workload for wine producers, the target audience of the event. In this case, innovation was not achieved by inventing a new technology, but by making a change to the product in order to meet the needs of the consumer, the end user of the product itself.

Secondly, every year wine2wine experiments with new formats to make the event more interactive, for example, their newly implemented app that allows users access to information on the event; it also helps users save contacts to facilitate networking between producers – one of the primary objectives of the event. Finally, by broadcasting the various seminars live on Facebook, the educational content is distributed in a free, easy and immediate way, as well as being accessible to those who are not physically present at the event.

The Innovation award was therefore very appropriately awarded to wine2wine – innovation is found at the very heart of this event. One of the organizers of wine2wine and Managing Director of Vinitaly International Stevie Kim remarked,

For future editions of wine2wine, I hope that we will continue to convince every producer that a company needs a digital communication department. If more people could gradually embrace this attitude, I think they would be able to more easily bridge the gap between what they need to do, and what they are not doing at that precise moment.

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