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We aim TO OFFER concrete INFORMATION AND KNOW-HOW every time THAT WILL HELP YOU TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS, This year #W2WLAB was founded, a practical workshop held by THE PROFESSIONALS OF the WINE world.

The labs will be open to a select number of persons who have pre-registered for wine2wine.




Wine & IG Stories, the perfect couple


Among the Instagram trends that will mark 2019, 'Stories' will certainly be among them, a tool that brands cannot ignore any longer and they are gradually becoming the new 'Feed'. Immediate, fast and multi-medial, the stories are better than anything else to informally transmit the company's news and moments of life. They stimulate interaction more than any other tool and are rich in applications such as surveys, stickers and the 'answer box'. During the workshop, the full potential of Instagram's 'Stories' will be illustrated, useful tips and tricks will be provided to help you perform at your best, as well as broadcast your success stories.



U.S. Price Structures and Market Selection: Come with questions, leave with solutions!


Have you ever wondered who’s making how much on your products in America, and which market in which to launch? In this hands-on interactive workshop U.S. market expert Steve Raye will share two practical worksheet tools for planning U.S. market entry and expansion: How to calculate U.S. price structures with a demonstration of how to manage margins within the Three-Tier System. Picking the right markets for your specific products: Data-driven strategy explaining the key factors to consider and how to apply them for your company’s specific strengths and resources. You’ll leave this session not only with the understanding and tools you need to master the art of margins and markup in the U.S. You will be able make educated, strategic decisions on the right states specifically for your company.



The Wine Lexicon Project


The language used to describe products shapes consumers’ perceptions. It is imperative to understand the words consumers use to describe products in different markets in order to improve the acceptability, and familiarity of products, particularly those culturally distant. The Wine Lexicon Project has tested the lexical equivalence of traditional Western descriptors for wine and their hypothesised corresponding Chinese descriptors. Two hundred and sixty-three Chinese consumers of imported wines were recruited across three major cities in China. Results show that generic wine descriptors are used three times more often than specific descriptors. Few differences were found in the use of Chinese and Western generic terms. The majority of hypothesised equivalences are verified. The results of this project lead to the creation of the Australian Wine Flavours Card. Takeaways: •Make sure you communicate about the generic sensory characteristics of your wines, before the specific ones; •Likeability, willingness to pay and perceived price point are not penalised by the use of Chinese descriptors. •Decide on the best terms to use on a wine-by-wine basis; •There is room for less expensive wines to break into the Chinese market if they have the sensory characteristics Chinese consumers like; •Our research protocol can be replicated in any other emerging market you would like to get into.




Let’s make your website (or app) better, together


In this interactive workshop, Mike will pull up websites (or apps) from the audience and review them live. During the session, he'll share best practices from digital customer experience, site design, navigation, ecommerce and more. If you have a site/app that you'd like to see reviewed, submit it in advance here.
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How to send effective press releases and get it published


Print and digital media are bombarded with thousands of stories each better than the next. But what is ita about the story that makes editor stop to read the press release in the first place let alone publish the story? In this session, we will review what makes for a good story, how to carefully target the sending of a press release and the key points that makes the release effective and noteworthy.

Don’t waste any more time: limited seats available!

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