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wine2wine partner - VinePair
VinePair is the most read publication about wine, beer and spirits in America; we celebrate the experiences you have and the connections you make with a glass in hand.

wine2wine partner - The UK Wine Show Podcast
The UK Wine Show Podcast is the first UK wine podcast. The show is all about wine and the UK wine scene. We interview winemakers, consumers, wine bar owners, scientists, you name it, and if it is about wine in the UK we will cover it. Almost all good wine from around the world washes up on these shores so we'll find out more about the people behind the wines that are making a splash.

wine2wine partner 2018 - Bottlebooks
Bottlebooks is the industry leader in wine data management. Its software is used by wine businesses around the world to collect, manage and distribute wine information.

IWPodcast logo
Italian Wine Podcast is a podcast project dedicated to the Italian wine world. Wine writer Monty Waldin uncovers the unique Italian wine-making tradition in conversation with some of its key protagonists. The show airs every Tuesday and Wednesday on SoundCloud, iTunes and on its official website Join us for a Cin Cin with Italian Wine People!

Logo PKMF2018-04
The Philip Kotler Marketing Forum is the most important event on Strategic Marketing in Italy. The forum is the perfect opportunity to learn the latest strategies, which will be presented by the greatest international experts directly. The 4th edition will take place on November 30th and December 1st.


wine2wine partner - Wine Meridian
Wine Meridian is an online publication with the purpose of being a guide to the international markets and with a view to increasing your knowledge of the sector. It is an information portal for image development of Italian wine in foreign markets. It develops a business culture for foreign markets, their trends, communications and distribution models. It is a development tool that deals with expanding communication on international markets. It is constantly following market trends, distribution models and the evolution of consumption.

wine2wine partner - Meininger's
The MEININGER'S WINE BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL is the world's only genuinely international wine trade magazine. It is read in over 40 countries and provides decision makers in the international wine trade with a comprehensive overview of the wine sector worldwide. Extensive reports on new and emerging markets are given by recognised experts who are either resident in or have a detailed knowledge of the areas in question. Over 30 correspondents follow developments in such diverse markets as China, Australia, the UK, Brazil and Russia as well as smaller markets such as Korea and Bulgaria.

Nexo Corporation has been the trusted language partner for companies abroad for over 10 years. More than 800 satisfied customers have helped us to define and develop our core competencies, which allow us to be a concrete, reliable and quality partner for companies that decide to address markets outside the country. Today, we have 360-degree skills that allow us to support our customers in every phase of the globalization process.

Wine TV Logo con riflesso + Dati-001
Wine TV – Sky Channel 815 is the first monothematic television focused on wine, designed for Wine & Food professionals and for the most committed Foodies and Wine lovers. We can influence and inspire a committed professional audience (who represent around 60% of our views) and fans by supporting a company in achieving business goals and in strengthening their brand awareness by spreading wine-related culture and stimulating purchase intent of their products.


wine2wine premium sponsor - APRA
The daily objective for Apra - Var group is providing concrete solutions to the wine industries needs through innovation. For over thirty years, we have been developing technological solutions in collaboration with the world's leading IT producers, and we model them according to the specific requirements of companies to bring real and tangible value to them. With more than 350 wineries as clients throughout the country, we are the ideal partner to overcome the challenges of the market, we have the ability to take advantage of digital transformation solutions, creating balance, stability and security.

ACATENA AG is a global Blockchain-IoT platform that provides a real counterfeit protection and enables Premium brands to achieve full visibility into their supply chains, optimizing process efficiencies and enhancing trust with their partners, distributors and end-consumers. Acatena provides reliable detailed statistical data and helps brand owners to effectively track, protect, sell and promote their goods without interruptions within the platform. Reaching out to new generations of wine lovers has never been easier: Acatena social application allow consumers not only to protect themselves from counterfeit but also to earn rewards and directly engage with brands. All these factors make Acatena the perfect solution to certify and enhance the Made in Italy label.


wine2wine premium sponsor - Antares Vision
Antares Vision offers the most comprehensive and scalable global solution in inspection systems, track & trace and smart data management, leading the complete process of protecting the products throughout their life-cycle and developing hardware and software solutions for the most demanding industrial sectors like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, food, beverage. Antares Vision is present in over 60 countries in the world (with a workforce that exceeds 500 units globally) and can count on 6 foreign branches (USA, Germany, France, Brazil, South Korea, India) and an Innovation Center in Ireland (Galway). With 20 years of experience in vision technologies, Antares Vision is the supplier of 9 of the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies: more than 25.000 inspection systems ensure every day the safety and the quality of the production processes, while over 2.000 serialization lines installed in industrial plants all over the world guarantee the tracking in the whole supply chain of more than 5 billion products.

SIGNORVINO is a wine shop specialized in Italian wines, where you can buy, taste, drink a glass or a bottle at the same price as takeaway; there's even a kitchen service at our shop where we prepare and serve simple dishes of traditional Italian cuisine. We offer a selection of over 1,500 wine labels, 100% Italian: sophisticated wines of the highest quality sold at winery prices at our shops located in the main Italian cities. Our shops are staffed by enthusiastic young specialists, trained and attentive to recommend the perfect wine for every occasion and need.


wine2wine executive sponsor - Marinotti & Partners
Marinotti & Partners s.r.l. was established more than ten years ago, in 2004. Giuseppe Marinotti is the sole director of Marinotti & Partners s.r.l. and he is a very ambitious man since he registered for a vat number thirty-five years ago, in 1983, when he only was nineteenyears old. The vat number is still active. Marinotti & Partners s.r.l. is a highly qualified service company for business people in the field of viticulture and for the management of authorisations for vine plantings, in particular. Marinotti & Partners s.r.l. is also deeply involved in neuromarketing applied to wine sector. Giuseppe Marinotti is deeply passionate about applying neuromarketing to the rich and amazing world of wine - the art of inspiring meaningful and long-lasting emotions with wine tasting and with the enogastronomic tourism industry with its high potential. Giuseppe Marinotti is the inventor of the role of the vineyard’s stage, of the multi-sensory stage of the wine cellar. He is the creator of the wine show - “atelier del vino”. He also believes strongly in the role of highly specialised training for players involved in the prestigious wine world. Thanks to its professional team, Marinotti & Partners s.r.l. provides an excellent assistance to businesspeople in the field of viticulture throughout Italy!

wine2wine executive sponsor - Sace Simest
SACE SIMEST, the Italian export and internationalization hub, is a single access point to all the insurance and financial facilities provided by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group for the international growth of Italian companies, particularly SMEs. SACE offers credit insurance, foreign investment protection, financial guarantees, bonding and factoring services. SIMEST accompanies companies along all the stages of their international expansion, with soft loans, export credit support and equity investments. With € 94bn in insured transactions and more than € 1bn shareholdings in 198 countries, SACE SIMEST support companies’ competitiveness in Italy and abroad, ensuring more stable cash flows, transforming risks into development opportunities and providing a reliable investment partner. More info:


wine2wine executive sponsor - Liquigas
Liquigas is the Italian leader in LPG and LNG distribution. The company’s goal is to contribute to country’s development by offering efficient and clean energy solutions to all areas not reached by the traditional networks. Since 2012, Liquigas entered the LNG market, complementing its offer with “turnkey” services for customers who seek new forms of affordable energy. Through our extensive network of over 5,000 retailers, 7 Customer Services, 27plants/depos and over 50 sales offices, we serve about 345,000 customers throughout Italy and we are a sustainable energy partner for families, businesses and communities. For more info

BRT express courier is fast and reliable, able to fulfil integrated distribution and logistics requirements of all companies intending to use a single provider for the storage, handling, transportation and delivery of their shipments in Italy, Europe and throughout the world. With more than 180 delivery branches across Italy, BRT offers a wide range of services and a structured and flexible delivery system. As a 3PL provider, BRT creates high quality tailor made solutions. The advantage of BRT is that our logistics depots are closely located to the distribution branches, this helps to optimize cut-off times. BRT, as a single provider, manages all phases of the operations, from handling to warehouse management and from transportation to delivery. Contact information: via E. Mattei 42, 40138 Bologna, tel. + 39 051 6015411.


wine2wine sponsor - TeamSystem
TeamSystem supports enterprises and professional firms on their journey towards digital transformation, with a range of products and services that simplify daily processes, increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness. 650 Software Partners and direct operations ensure a widespread presence throughout Europe with a highly qualified support for over 250.000 customers. TeamSystem ALYANTE Wine is the complete and dependable management system designed for the world of wine. Everything, from land management to bottling and marketing in a company involved in the wine production chain, is automated.

Vetri Speciali is a worldwide leading company specialized in the production and commercialization of special and customized containers for foods on a global scale, whose headquarters is located in the historic heart of the city of Trento. It's a manifacture where the traditional craftsmanship is combined with the most innovative technologies at the service of the large industry, creating a unique alchemy in the global scene: the company is indeed able to fulfill in a short time the demands of production of significant amount as much as the production of micro lots, starting from 4 cl mini formats up to 30 liters containers - numbers that nowadays have no equal in the international market.


Vinstrip Logo
VinStrip is a brand of unique products entirely made in Italy, created exclusively by the Verona based company Cavaliere Interni, specialized in manufacturing and distribution of design articles for wine lovers. Vinstrip can be personalized, reused and is produced in many happy and elegant colours, each Vinstrip is a custom made solution which valorizes, differentiates and adapts to each type of bottle. Vinstrip gives name to a bottle holder with exclusive and innovative design, soft, durable and flexible, it wraps and protects any bottle without hiding the label. Vinstrip is produced in Italy with high quality materials which allow customization with brands, logos or phrases. Vinstrip bottle holder come flat like a sheet: inserting the weight of the bottle, due to the effect of the carved net, it instantly transforms into a handy bottle holder that adapts to any size. In a moment the bottle is arranged, protected, ready for transport or to be gifted in an original way. The Vinstrip collection also includes a double bottleholder for two bottles, Vinstrip double, for bottle Magnum Vinstrip Big plus the Vinstrip Mini, ideal to carry a small bottle of water or a soft drink. The Mini is equipped with an automatic botton to hook the bottle holder to your bag or backpack. The range is completed by the stylish glass holder Glass Sling, useful to carry a wine glass around one’s neck and have hands free during parties, buffets, tastings or special occasions. Vinstrip can be produced in Double-Face or tricolor, the material chosen is very resistant for which Vinstrip adapts to different uses and reuses. A wide range of wine accessories completes the line, all models are made with craftsman techniques and exclusive design. Vinstrip provides intelligent and alternative accessories, with attention to detail that your guests deserve. AN IDEA 100% MADE IN ITALY

logo wine people tr_OK-001
WinePeople is the first and only consulting company in the Italian wine industry, specialized in Human Resource Management. Focusing on two main services, Recruitment (WinePeople TALENT) and Soft Skills Training (WinePeople CAMPUS), WinePeople helps small and medium-sized wineries seek, choose and train the right people for their business development across international markets.


wine2wine supporter - Circle.
Circle. is an Italian creative agency specialized on food communication. We offer all the advertising and communication services for the food & beverage industry and companies. We choose the direction, set goals together, we help our partners in the creation of their image, we tell their story and identity. We are specialized in the creation of brands, advertising campaigns, social media strategies and creation of contents, web sites, books, catalogues, we make photos and videos. Working together is just the start of a journey.

wine2wine supporters 2018 - Colangelo & Partners
Colangelo & Partners ( specializes in premium food, wine and spirits, and has long established relationships with the key press that drive these business categories and help determine the industry leaders. Agency principals have years of experience in retail and distribution as well as communications, a rare combination that gives Colangelo & Partners invaluable insights into consumer purchasing behavior. The agency focuses on 'closing the loop' between creative communications programs, distribution, promotion, publicity and the consumer in order to maximize the efficiency of its communications programs and deliver measurable results.

wine2wine supporters 2018 - Winebel
Winebel is the new revolutionary app for the wineries, that will carry the consumer into a sensorial travel in the lively reality of the wine. Thanks to a real talking label this new project will enrich the tasting experience of the consumers with videos that will show the face of the winegrowers, the loveliness and the uniqueness of the terroir where the wine is produced, and will give the consumers the opportunity to taste the wine with a skilled sommelier.This app is also extraordinary for its possibility to have a wide variety of languages, and for its intuitive use. Winebel is available for iOS and Android.


wine2wine supporter 2018 - Wine Around
WineAround is the digital platform designed to manage, plan and analyze wine tourism flow and to increase direct sales at the wineries. With WineAround Calendar it is easy to create, in a few simple steps, the wine tourism offer (standard visits, premium tastings, one date events), manage bookings of visits and tastings and organize the same in previously set time slots. Thanks to WineAround BookingButton it is easy to receive bookings of visits, tastings and events in the winery directly from the website/Facebook page. The wine tourist is guided through an interface specifically designed to book appointments in the winery, and thanks to prepayments set at the time of booking, users are made to feel responsible with consequent reduction of delays and no-shows. With the new Insight functionality it is possible to analyze the wine tourist flow in a simple and intuitive way, very important instrument to improve the strategies for direct sales at the winery. Plan, manage and analyze wine tourism flows and increase direct sales at the winery with WineAround!

wine2wine supporters 2018 - TOBU Group_DNA tasting
From the development of websites, to the graphic study of labels and brochures to the management of social campaigns, DNA is a TobuGroup srl brand that deals with communicating in a creative and targeted way the world of wine. Based on the needs, and the close relationship with the wine producer, has developed internally the innovative DNAtasting, a management software dedicated to visits and tastings in the cellar.

Albicchiere is an innovative system which enables wine lovers to drink a single glass of wine at the perfect temperature, whenever they want, and without the waste associated with glass bottles. The wine consumption is increasingly moving towards the idea of the single-serve, both at home and away from home. This trend it’s at odds with glass bottles, which once opened cannot preserve the wine for long time. Glass is heavy, fragile, with high carbon footprint and cost for shipping. Wine lovers will sometimes forego opening a bottle for fear of wasting the wine not immediately consumed. operators, instead, are missing out on profit: cannot offer every wines by the glass. Albicchiere is a smart wine platform, composed by smart wine bags, a smart dispenser and a mobile app. Our system provides over 6 months of wine preservation and ensure the wine it’s always at the right serving temperature.










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