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23-24 November 2020
Shigeru Hayashi

Shigeru Hayashi

Shigeru Hayashi

Shigeru Hayashi

Journalist, Consultant

Shigeru lived in Italy between 1982 and 1986 and 1990 to 1999. During these 13 years he first worked in the food sector as a representative for the Japanese company Suntory L.T.D. and subsequently dealt with their food & wine import. In 1994 he obtained the Sommelier AIS diploma, earning the title of the first Japanese sommelier in Italy.

In 2005 he began his career as a journalist and consultant for Soloitalia s. r. l., while between 2009 to 2014 he served as President at Eataly Japan L.T.D.

Among the many awards he has received we note the International Prize “Caterina De’ Medici ” Florence (1991); the International Prize “Maria Luigia” Parma (1991); and the” Emozioni ” ASPI and ASI (2016) award. He has published over ten books,  notable contributions include: The basics of Italian cuisine (1991) and The basics of Italian wines (1996).

"Targeted promotion and exports of Italian wine to Japan: what are the prospects?"

The presentation will illustrate how the Japanese market welcomes Italian wine. He will talk about the key elements that can influence the promotion of wine and therefore the key factors that Italian wineries should take into consideration when selling wine to the Japanese market.

This topic will be discussed in light of some key trends. The first is that over the last seven years the number of visitors in Japan has been increasing, from 6,000,000 to 23,000,000 million. This figure is expected to reach 33, 000,000 in 2020. The second important figure is that Japan hosts about 10, 000 Italian restaurants, which are scattered throughout the country. This is a very promising market, which the wine business should watch carefully.

The following questions will guide the analysis, the answers to which will provide the takeaways of the session.

• What changes have been recorded in wine consumption in Japan since 1980? What impact is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics expected to have on demand for Italian wine?

• What is the current status of Italian wine and what role does this product play in Japan?

• How should Italian wine be promoted on the Japanese market? What makes case studies like that of the Soave Consortium so successful?

• What prospects does the Japanese market offer Italian wine and how can they best be exploited?


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