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Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph

Editorial Consultant and Columnist of Meininger’s Wine Business International, Co-owner of the wine brands, Greener Planet and le Grand Noir

Robert Joseph has a uniquely varied experience in the wine industry. After growing up in his parent’s hotel and restaurant he lived in Burgundy for five years before returning to the UK to launch WINE International magazine and the International Wine Challenge. He was also the wine critic of the London Sunday Telegraph and award-winning author of over 25 books including an annual wine guide and the Complete Encyclopedia of Wine. Today, he is editorial consultant and columnist of Meininger’s Wine Business International and has lectured at the Burgundy Business School and Sonoma University and Changyu Business School in China. He has also worked as a consultant for companies including Accolade and Origin, and the wine industries of Australia, Brazil, Portugal and Georgia, as well as Moldova where he has pioneered the introduction of sustainable viticulture. Co-owner of the wine brands, Greener Planet (200,000 bottles) and le Grand Noir (3m bottles), this year, he also helped to launch a Georgian wine brand Joseph’s latest book is called The Future of Wine has Changed.

“Different Models of Sustainability and their Value for your Wine Business”

While the media focuses on organic, biodynamic and natural wines, across the world, companies, regions and countries are increasingly moving towards Sustainable winemaking. But what do they mean by that term? In theory, the concept of Sustainability always holistically covers the use of industrial products in vineyards, reducing one’s carbon footprint, and social responsibility – but the interpretation varies widely. There are already over 24 models, with the ones in New Zealand and South Africa for example, differing from the one in Oregon – all of which differ from all of the various Sustainable models in France. Robert Joseph will examine the different models, including the relevance of ISO certification, while considering the commercial/marketing value of going sustainable and the communication gains and challenges it can bring


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