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Rania Zayyat

Rania Zayyat

Founder of Wonder Women of Wine and Co-Founder at Be The Change

Rania Zayyat is the founder of Wonder Women of Wine, a nonprofit organization, founded in 2018, that advocates for gender equality in the wine industry. In 2020, she co-founded Be The Change, an equal opportunity initiative committed to changing the status quo through action and policy. Rania is a 10-year wine industry veteran with experience managing some of the top restaurants and wine bars in Houston and Austin, Texas. She is a leader in the global wine industry, specializing in diversity and equality initiatives, including her own Wonder Women of Wine platform, wine education, minimal intervention wine, wine list development, and wine list marketing.

Committing to Change: How Wine Industry Professionals Are Redefining Leadership for the Next Generation

As conversations in the wine industry have hovered over social movements and scandals, Amelia Singer and Rania Zayyat examine commonalities among the issues at hand by redefining and broadening the conversation about diversity and bullying. When it comes to solutions, they highlight the importance of collective action to bring about greater diversity, inclusion within leadership, and real change in the modern global wine industry.

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