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Save the date 18-19 October 2021
Programme 2020


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Maurizio Danese | Institutional Opening
Stevie Kim | Kickoff Day 1
Armando Corsi, Richard Siddle | How to Focused Marketing Efforts in the USA?
Felicity Carter, Rebecca Hopkins | Wine Meets Wellness: A new demand for transparency in wine. What are the trends in wellness, and who are these drinkers?
Alessandro Liberatori, Paolo Gozzoli | The Wine Market in India
Felicity Carter, Rebecca Hopkins | Wine Meets Wellness: A new demand for transparency in wine. How do you protect your brand from disparagement?
Natalie Wang, Alice Wong | How Covid-19 changed wine consumer behaviors in China
Eva Plazas, Davide Tommasi, Katerina Marozava, Valentina Ellero| Wine and sustainability in the winery: comparing international experiences
Beniamino Garofalo, Giacomo Marzotto | Can you actually sell wine in the Caribbean?
André Ribeirinho, Valentina Abbona | Going digital is much more than opening an online wine shop
Mattia Vezzola, Franco Cristoforetti, Pierpaolo Penco, Carlo Flamini, Giulio Somma | Italy facing the Rosé challenge, between new bubbles and markets
Elizabeth Gabay MW, Matilde Poggi | What can we learn from Provence? A rosé perspective
Yang Lu MS, JC Viens | How to insert your wine into the wine lists of Chinese restaurants
Pierpaolo Penco, Violante Gardini Cinelli Colombini | Let’s share the numbers: young people, wine and market from lockdown to date
Giovanni Mantovani, Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, Ernesto Abbona, Luca Rigotti, Sandro Boscaini, Roberto Luongo, Matilde Poggi, Denis Pantini | Wine in the changing global scenario: the challenges of the supply chain
Attilio Scienza, Alessio Planeta | Vinitaly International Academy Advanced Seminar – International Grape Varieties in Italy
Riccardo Pasqua, Alessio Puddu, Dario Di Vico | File-sharing, creativity and value. WeTransfer, a clear way to promote wine as an art form
Regine Lee MW, Camilla Lunelli | Is wine gendered? The commercial challenges and opportunities
Luca Giavi, Antonio Rallo, Sandro Sartor, Carlo Flamini, Giulio Somma | The Wine Observatory by Unione Italiana Vini: data sharing for the Italian wine industry
Ferdinando Fiore, Ronaldo Padovani | The Wine Market in Brazil and Perspectives for the Next Five Years
Magnavai Janjo, Paul Caputo | The Benefits of a More Diverse Wine Industry
Ian Harris, Monty Waldin | What’s next for wine education
Meg Maker, Felicity Carter | Media matters: How to update your website to help journalists tell your story
Alexey Soloviev, Anna Baranova | The Future of online wine sales in Russia. The future of the Cavist profession in Russia
Josh Malin, Adam Teeter, Ettore Nicoletto | What does data tell you about the impacts of Covid-19 on the US Wine market and the future of the wine business?
Mike Veseth, Andrea Sartori | The Dollar Dilemma: Wine, Exchange Rates, and Post-Covid Globalization
Harmon Skurnik, Mark Fornatale | The Future of American Tariffs: A Trump Phenomenon or Here To Stay?
Adam Teeter | How to use sponsored content to drive online wine sales?
Anthony Giglio, Belinda Chang | Reaching through the screen
Stephanie Gallo, Kristina Kelley | Finding Silver Linings: Applying Learnings from a Pandemic World
Liz Thach MW, Marilisa Allegrini | Virtual Wine Tourism
Stevie Kim | Kickoff Day 2
Lavinia Furlani, Alessandro Rinaldi, Andrea Pozzan, Filippo Causero, Fabio Piccoli | The Wine Village – Play and discover your company’s strengths and weaknesses
Jeannie Cho Lee MW, Sarah Heller MW | COVID’s Impact on Chinese Fine Wine Consumers
Artem Lebedev, Piero Mastroberardino | Almaty – the future wine capital of central Asia
Lin LIU MW, Gus Zhu MW | An immersion trip of social media in the China wine market
Kodjo Adovor, Emilia Marinig | Italian Wine in Africa – Possibilities, Opportunities, and Insights on how to Approach the Market
Robert Joseph, Polly Hammond | Wine Competitions and Scores vs. Social Media Stories and Pictures. What makes people buy?
Tinashe Nyamudoka, Temitope Akintola | Hacking the wine Culture in Africa
Polly Hammond, Robert Joseph | Adapt or Die: Wine Marketing in the New Normal
Sławomir Komiński, Izabela Kamińska | Explore the Polish wine market – how to work a small/medium-sized importers and retailers
Lyka Caparas, Justin Chen, Jonathan Joson, Butz Tenchavez, Từ Lễ Huy | A glimpse into Southeast Asia’s wine value chain
Silvestro Serra, Lavinia Furlani, Fabio Piccoli, Donatella Cinelli Colombini | Virtual reality leaves one wanting: only real life wine tourism can fit the bill
Sebastian Wöll, Andrea Lonardi | The German wine market: approach and overview
Monty Waldin, Paul Caputo, Lawrence Francis | Beyond Podcasting: How can audio help the wine industry in a digitised post-COVID world?
Riccardo Pasqua, Omar Schillaci, Nicola Ferrari, Francesco Molinari | A customer’s journey and the digital shelf: the new way to purchase wine
Boris Gaskov, Daria Sologub, Gregory Shevakin, Nikolay Chashchinov | Meet Russian Importers: VINICOM, Fort Wine and Spirits, L-wine e MAREX
Ulf Sjödin MW, Tommasella Perniciaro | The Swedish wine market after COVID-19
Valeriya Mlakhovskaya, Valeria Ermola, Alexey Levichev, Albina Urakova, Svetlana Arsenashvili | Meet Russian Importers: BRAVO TRADE, iSpiritgroup, Simple, LADOGA Group e Vintage-M
Jermaine Stone, Rocco Toscani | Wine and Hip Hop | The Evolution of A Sophisticated Wine Culture
Richard Kershaw MW, Richard Siddle | South Africa: A Prohibitionary Tale
Ian Griffith, Glenn Lucci | The Growing Importance of Ecommerce in the U.S. Market
Paul Mabray, Pauline Vicard | How wineries can jump-start their digital transformation
Sandra Taylor, Remi Cohen | Sustainability and Resilience—Staying the Course on Climate Adaptation
Nunzio Castaldo, Melissa Sutherland | The Future of the U.S. Trade: Let’s Talk
Laura Donadoni, Tatiana Livsey, Michelle Erland | #metoo in the wine business, what happened and what can we do to change the sexist culture online and at work
Lulie Halstead, Nicholas Paris MW, Sandro Sartor, Albino Armani | From “commodity” to “domestic wine”: the success of Pinot Grigio in the USA in the lockdown era
Steve Raye, Ed Lemay | “The Next Normal”: Insights on Adapting to Covid 19 in the U.S. Market
Laura Catena, Anna Maria Ponzi | How Italian immigrants spread La Dolce Vita around the world?
Rania Zayyat, Amelia Singer, Felicity Carter | Committing to Change: How Wine Industry Professionals Are Redefining Leadership for the Next Generation
Michaela Morris, Francesca Vaira | Cracking Canada’s new COVID wine code: opportunities and changes in the Canadian wine market
Julia Coney, Elaine Chukan Brown | Wine and Allyship | Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are Good for the Wine Business

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