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25-26 Novembre 2019 | Acquista i biglietti

Programma Provvisorio

Yannick Benjamin (Wine on Wheels, Wheeling Forward, Contento) “Triumph over Tragedy: How Hospitality and Wine Saved my Life”

Bruce Sanderson (Wine Spectator) – “Announcement of the OperaWine 2020 Producers”

Gaia Gaja (Gaja winery) “Mitigating the effects of climate change in vineyards”

Maureen Downey (Chai Consulting) “Blockchain: Revolutionizing how fine and rare wines and spirits are protected, traced, and traded”

Lenz Moser (LENZ M. MOSER PROJECTS) “Will China’s burgeoning winemaking industry affect demand for European wines?”

Kristina Kelley (E. & J. Gallo Winery) “Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters: Connecting People and Planet”

Tim Banks (Ornellaia) “Ornellaia’s Vendemmia d’artista (VDA) project: Environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability”

Simon Woolf (Wine writer and author) “Why orange is not a colour”

Regine Lee MW (Women in Wine London, Liberty Wines) “Increasing B2B sales: are trips to producers profitable or pointless?”

Attilio Scienza  (Vinitaly International Academy, University of Milan) “Vinitaly International Academy, Advanced Course”

Andre Ribeirinho (Adegga)”How to attract new consumers to wine”

Frédéric Lot (E-Studi’oz) “The challenges and opportunities of Digital Marketing Videos for wine companies ”

Robert Joseph (Wine Industry Consultant & Commentator) “Different Models of Sustainability and their Value for your Wine Business”

Robert Camuto (Wine Writer ) “What colour is your rosé?”

Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz (Expon Capital) “Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence tools for the wine business”

Gill Gordon Smith (Independent Educator, Writer, Judge, Retailer and Artisan Wine Producer) “The value of education to the wine business”

Lawrence Francis, Chris Scott, Elizabeth Schneider (Interpreting Wine Podcast / UK Wine Show / Wine for Normal People )”Growing a podcast audience”

Adam Teeter and Joshua Malin (VinePair) “Using Data To See What Consumers Are Drinking Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow”

Andrea Pozzan and Lavinia Furlani (Wine People and Wine Meridian) “Working in the world of wine: how to face a job interview?”

Annete Scarfe MW  “How to market your wines in Singapore: The new high-potential export market”

… More speakers coming soon

Heini Zachariassen (Vivino) “‘How to use wine apps to reach consumers directly'”

Bruce Sanderson (Wine Spectator) “Q&A with Bruce Sanderson”

Hannah Luxenberg Tono (TACTIC) “The future of brand storytelling with augmented reality”

Jonas H Röjerman MW (Systembolaget)”Simulation of Systembolagets tender tasting”

Julia Coney and Elaine Chukan Brown (Independent wine consultant / & Wine and Spirits Magazine) “Responsibility in Wine Communication”

Tom Cochran (Tom Cochran Consulting) “Digital transformation and the wine industry”

Joe Fattorini (The Wine Show & SAGA Magazine) “You were once younger, hornier and poorer: bursting the Myth of Millennials”

Christophe Heynen MW (Creativenture Gustoworld) “Belgian wine Market”

Giles Darwin (Denomination) “Wine bottle & label design as a means to increase sales”

Gerard Spatafora (E-Studi’ “How to sell wine online”

Angelo Minelli (Wine-Searcher) “Millions of online offers and searches across the world: where do Italian wines stand?”

Ian Ford (Nimbility & Lightkeeper Studio) “How Conch y Toro succeeded in China: Lessons for Italian Producers”

Polly Hammond (5forests) “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Why Millennials may be the best thing that’s happened to wine.”

JC Viens (Grande Passione) “Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Markets for Italian Wine Producers”

Anne Victoire Monrozier (Miss Vicky Wine) “Wine and Social Media”

Claire Dawson (Communication & Marketing Consultant) “Communication and event strategies for Italian wineries”

Paul Mabray (Emetry) “Future Proofing Wineries”

Shigeru Hayashi (Soloitalia) “Targeted promotion and exports of Italian wine to Japan: what are the prospects?”

… More speakers coming soon


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