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Polly Hammond

Polly Hammond

Polly Hammond

Polly Hammond

Founder, 5forests

Polly Hammond is a self-described black sheep marketer who spends her days desperately trying to drag traditional wine language, communication, and branding into the digital age. Her agency, 5forests, works with wineries around the world to help them embrace the profitable way to transform to digital, from strategy to social media to online sales. She also writes The Must Read, a widely read, mildly irreverent weekly newsletter about digital wine marketing. Polly has a deep and abiding love affair with Behavioural Economics, and her wine work is based on insights into all the crazy and irrational reasons consumers engage with brands; and she’s mad about pop culture and good stories, so any meeting is sure to have at least one Star Wars reference thrown in.

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Why Millennials may be the best thing that’s happened to wine"

This presentation will focus on the other side of the millennial story, the one that we can embrace, the one that we can learn from. Presenting data and anecdata that go beyond “millennials are killing wine,” we’ll look at real life examples of wine brands that are winning with this audience, and how they made it happen. We’ll explore the expectations that drive millennial spending, and the truth of where their money goes (no, it’s not just avocado toast). We’ll talk about how we, as producers, merchants, and marketers, can transform our own priorities to make friends with sub-40s. Plus, we’ll look toward the future, because GenZ is right around the corner. From analog to digital, communications to packaging, experiences to ecommerce, and more…you’ll leave this session armed with insights and actionables that can redefine how you build your brand, share your message, and care for your fans. Together, let’s turn the “millennial challenge” into your best opportunity yet.


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