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Nuove tecnologie per la Wine Industry

New technology for the Wine Industry: between science fiction and reality

Among the major objectives of wine2wine, it will be helping companies in the Wine Industry with promotion and innovation. Therefore, it is essential to talk about new technologies and their application in the wine sector. We are convinced that innovation as a concept must go beyond the introduction of improvements: incorporating emerging technologies into procedures and products gives access to the plus break that many companies are looking for to distinguish themselves from competitors on the market.

It was with this in mind that we invited Lorenzo Montagna to our Forum, and included his speech on virtual reality and augmented reality in the wine2wine programme 2018. The presentation at 15:45 on November 26th – will explore the opportunities that these new technologies open up for the wine sector and will provide some suggestions on how companies should prepare to exploit them. To enable us to make the most of this enlightening contribution, we are going to try and define some of the particulars with respect to this topic.


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality – also referred to as VR, is an environment simulated through the use of new information technologies. It replicates real characteristics to build a world so real it deceives human senses: the user is brought into an experience, that portrays fictitious places and objects, but it arouses real suggestions. Contrary to what one might think, the first experiments in virtual reality date back to the 1960s. It was in the 1980s that the commercialization of the first viewers began as well as the creation of tools with integrated sensors – such as gloves – to physically interact with the visual experience.



What is Augmented Reality?

While VR is an entirely alternative reality to the one we live in on a daily basis, Augmented Reality (AR) is between the two. The main feature of this new technology is to “increase” reality by adding elements in 3D graphics. Augmented reality is the superimposition of digital information levels and is usually experienced through a camera. Special sensors and algorithms determine its orientation and then place the images generated by the software in a real context. The Pokémon Go application, a geo-localised augmented reality game introduced a couple of years ago by Nintendo, and it provides a good example of the AR phenomenon.




How could these technologies be applied to wine and why do so?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are resources that have yet to be fully explored. Leaving aside science fiction scenarios, these new technologies offer real opportunities for the Wine Industry and for the innovation of companies in general. Above all, the potential for Marketing and Gamification is evident: Treasury Wine Estate, for example, understood this and made good use of it for the launch of the “19 Crimes collection”. Thanks to AR, the Australian wine tycoon has created the labels for these bottles, dedicated to 18th century criminals that the British government deported to its most distant penal colony (Australia).



Beyond Wine Marketing, VR and AR can create new kinds of information and create further involvement for consumers. As Lorenzo Montagna explains in his latest book “Virtual reality and augmented reality, new ways for new business scenarios” (Hoepli Editore, 2018), business opportunities through these technologies range from communication to training, from research to sales. Montagna will explain how this can benefit those who work in the wine business during wine2wine.


Something more about Lorenzo Montagna

Lorenzo Montagna, who – as already mentioned – will be at wine2wine 2018, he is one of the greatest experts in the field of New Media and applied technologies on the peninsula. Originally from Milan and a Law graduate, Montagna’s curriculum boasts some prestigious collaborations with various international companies. He is now the owner of Seconda Stella s. r. l. (secondstARVR). ). It is the first European consulting firm for the education and start-up of professionals and companies in the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.




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