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Lyka Caparas

Lyka Caparas

Category Development Consultant at

Lyka Caparas co-authored the book, Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Italian Wines, and she is currently the category development consultant for the premier e-commerce site in the Philippines, Lyka constantly strives to bring wine familiarity and education to her home country. She began her brand marketing career in the commercial food service sector, where she became interested in imbuing brands with rich philosophies and human compassion. This drive eventually led her to the wine world and she’s become entrenched in the nascent wine industry of the Philippines. Lyka pursued her Erasmus Mundus Master Degree in International Wine Tourism Innovation which allowed her to live, study, and work in Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy, including an internship with the Vinitaly International community. She achieved her WSET Level 3 certificate with merit in Belgium. At present, she is on a quest to become a Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador (IWA). Lyka actively volunteers for the Erasmus Mundus Association and she’s been recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador by the Delegation of the EU to the Philippines. She acknowledges the importance of education in changing and improving societies and believes that growing up in a region that doesn’t traditionally produce wine shouldn’t keep one from learning, appreciating, or understanding wines or wine culture.

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