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Lawrence Francis

Lawrence Francis

Content Director of Interpreting Wine Podcast

A qualified Business Psychologist and coach, with experience in three countries, Lawrence brings a wealth of commercial and people insight to his role as Content Director of Interpreting Wine. He interviews most guests in his hometown, London and has been commissioned to produce series internationally for drinks regions as diverse as New York, Jerez, Vienna and Waterford, Ireland. As the world moves towards ‘voice first’, heralded by the rise of voice search and a plethora of digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa, Lawrence believes that most drinks and hospitality companies are underestimating the opportunity that exists right now, which probably hasn’t existed since the early days of social media. Deciding the best way to convince them of this was to embrace it himself, Lawrence grew the Interpreting Wine podcast from scratch at the beginning of 2018 to where he now reaches key hospitality figures in well over 80 countries. Lawrence has had the privilege to interview some of the most well known writers, winemakers, restaurateurs and sommeliers in the world. Lawrence firmly believes that #podcastingissocialmedia and that while it may lack the bells and whistles of facebook or instagram, its convenience and relatively low barriers to entry means that the space will become overcrowded and the ‘land grab’ all the more expensive in the future.

"Beyond Podcasting: How can audio help the wine industry in a digitised post-COVID world?"

Veteren podcasters Monty Waldin (The Italian Wine Podcast) and Lawrence Francis (Interpreting Wine) are joined by fellow wine writer and audio enthusiast Paul Caputo to discuss the future of audio in an increasingly digital wine industry. They discuss whether, aside from podcasts (doesn’t everyone have a wine podcast these days?), audio might be a format that can be utilised by producers, journalists, wine professionals and consumers to enhance and advance the wine industry in a world that is increasingly having to adapt to use digital strategies of engagement. Wine has always been associated with what we taste and smell, can it be what we hear as well?

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