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Joe Fattorini

Joe Fattorini

Joe Fattorini

Joe Fattorini

Presenter of The Wine Show and Wine Writer for SAGA Magazine

Joe Fattorini is the presenter of The Wine Show, now broadcast in over 100 countries with more than 85 million viewers.  He is also a consumer wine writer for Saga Magazine, the UK’s largest monthly subscription publication, writes a monthly column on Behavioural Economics for Harper’s Wine & Spirit and is profile writer for Club Oenologique. Joe was also wine writer for The Herald newspaper for fourteen years.

Alongside writing, Joe has spent over twenty-five years as a leading on-trade wine merchant. Today he is Head of Sales at Fields Morris & Verdin, part of Berry Bros & Rudd. In 2017 he was awarded IWSC Wine Communicator of the Year and IWC Personality of the Year, and in 2019 was named among the 25 most influential voices in the UK wine business.  Previously Joe was an academic, publishing widely on the wine business, and wrote the world’s first text book on managing on-trade wine sales. Joe is a regular speaker and panelist at conferences covering marketing, media copywriting and equality in the wine trade.

"You were once younger, hornier and poorer: bursting the myth of Millennials"

Marketing to Millennials is as nonsensical as Hunting the Snark. Millennials exist. But they don’t. We were all once younger, hornier, poorer. But there’s no evidence  that we have a unique market segment powerfully united by common, defining beliefs that we can sell to. Just as there’s no evidence The Duchess of Cambridge has more in common with a 32 year old pipe fitter-welder from Gdansk than she does with her own parents. And even if there were, are Millennials the most attractive market for wine producers.

Wine producers need to look at the beliefs that connect them to drinkers irrespective of age. They need to look at the available wealth of drinkers who will actually buy their wines. They need to look at how people change over time. We were all younger, hornier and poorer once. And millennials will be older, settled and wealthier in good time. And the best way to sell to them and understand them is to recognise that they’re defined by who they are, not how old they are. Then. And now.


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