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23-24 November 2020
Gaia Gaja

Gaia Gaja

Gaia Gaja

Gaia Gaja

Gaja Estates Co-Owner and International Brand Ambassador

The Gaja family tradition has never stopped since 1859, when Giovanni Gaja founded the winery. Gaia, together with her sister Rossana and her brother Giovanni is the fifth generation to own and manage Barbaresco’s renowned Gaja winery and the second generation to run Gaja Family Wine Estates, with Ca’ Marcanda in Bolgheri and Pieve Santa Restituta in Montalcino. Gaia, Rossana and Giovanni have worked at the Gaja Winery since they were children, their parents always included them in their discussions about wine and, from an early age, they welcomed and encouraged their interests in all aspects of the winemaking process. No titles are needed within the family, the 3 siblings are all complementary, each one with a specific responsibility and all involved in every aspect of the winery. Gaia Gaja had a wine named in her honour (Gaia&Rey Chardonnay) even before she took her first steps. Born in 1979, she officially joined the Gaja Winery in 2004. She has been traveling the globe as the winery’s International Brand Ambassador and she is involved in every aspect of grape-growing, winemaking process as well as the wine business. With their reputation as innovators in Italy, the Gajas in the last 15 years have particularly focused their attention on studying ways to mitigate the effects of climate change in their vineyards in Piedmont and Tuscany.


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