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Francesca Vaira

Francesca Vaira

Owner of G.D. Vajra

Francesca (33) is the second born of Aldo and Milena of GD Vajra, Barolo. Aged 2, she was found in the Vajra cellars while trying to sip a few drops of wine, fresh off the casks. Whether this episode had an influence or not, Francesca, gifted by curiosity, amazing memory and intuition, is a fundamental component of the executive GD Vajra tasting panel. Francesca also holds majors in History of Economics and Business Management, and is talented with an artistic side. Daily activities include being the ambassador and spokesperson of GD Vajra around the world. Her ability to bring to life the stories that make up the rich tapestry of Vajra and transport the audience to Piemonte is legendary. With such qualities, she is certainly stepping into the footprint of (her mother) Milena exquisite personality and feminine touch in all things Vajra.

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