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Save the date 18-19 October 2021
Focus 2020

Wine Business in the post-COVID-19 era

The upcoming edition of the wine2wine Business Forum – jointly in coordination with the wine2wine Exhibition – aims to support wineries in their recovery from the health emergency that marked 2020.

In the post-COVID-19 scenario, the Wine Industry faces a major challenge: building a new way of doing business. And it has to be successful. The 2020 edition of wine2wine will focus on this resolution. “Focus 2020” will be dedicated to the Wine Business in a post-COVID-19 era, and it intends to guide companies faced with the difficult task of laying the foundation for the Wine Industry to come.

It is now clear that our focus on the production and sale of wine needed to change, and in fact, it did. During the lockdown, many entrepreneurs had to revolutionize their business and communication plans. In the aftermath of the emergency, these same schemes will have to be changed once again.

The process of the “reopening” that we are experiencing must be seen as the opportunity of shaking up the wine industry, which has been defined as “old and static” for decades. Our industry must pay particular attention to two fundamental aspects: the search for new revenue opportunities, and the greatest possible reduction in costs. It is essential for companies to take an energetic but rational approach, an approach that favors short-term growth, but that can also take into account the possible long-term implications.

During the COVID-19 period, entrepreneurs noted how their corporate image could influence their business. On the other hand, consumers paid great attention to the behavior of different brands during the crisis. Today, those same consumers have developed new needs, they want to resume interacting with brands, and, in some cases, they need to regain confidence in products, services and companies. The product itself might remain the same, but the way we talk to consumers will definitely need to be adapted to the new landscape.

Furthermore, digital has been a major player in the COVID-19 emergency. During the lockdown, the internet and digital devices proved vital to customer communication, to sell products, and even to get employees to work. The wine2wine Forum has always dedicated a large space to this theme, in connection with Wine Business: the renewed awareness reached during this latest health emergency will provide an ideal context for further consideration.

The programme for the Forum is being prepared and will be published on this site as soon as possible. Anyone wishing to make suggestions about particular aspects for Focus 2020 can send their proposals to

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