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Can I participate in only one of the two days?

You are welcome to participate in only one day of the conference. However, unfortunately discounted tickets cannot be sold for only one of the two days.


How is wine2wine taking place?

wine2wine takes place over two days with a rich program of seminars and workshops, each falling into specific thematic areas ranging from Uniting New Technologies and Wine, to Revolutionizing Marketing and Communication Strategies, to Understanding Export Markets, To Exemplifying Ecological and Social Sustainability, to Integrating Market Insights into Viticulture and Oenology, to Humanizing Management & Leadership and much more.

At the beginning of each day, a “keynote” session is scheduled in the auditorium where all participants can attend. During the rest of the day, parallel sessions are conducted across various auditorium rooms – at the same time. These seminars are organised according to different tracks or themes. Participants can choose which sessions to go to according to their interests.

The seminars consist of a 30 minute speech, followed by 15 minutes dedicated to questions and answers. There is a 15 minute break between sessions to allow participants time to go from one room to another and to network with the other participants.

Every morning there will be a coffee break between sessions. Lunch will be served at two locations at the venue. In the afternoon, another coffee break is scheduled. At the end of each day an additional “Keynote” session is scheduled. At the end of the first day the OperaWine Producers are also announced and this is followed by a celebratory aperitivo in the sponsor area, which is open to all participants.


What is wine2wine?

wine2wine is a dynamic international wine industry forum, held annually in Verona Italy since 2014. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and a diverse variety of wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine businesses worldwide. wine2wine provides a unique opportunity to reflect, discuss and share ideas on the most important issues facing the rapidly evolving international wine industry. It is a chance for the wine community to connect and combine its common passion and diverse expertise towards shaping a prosperous and sustainable wine industry.


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Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, a cloakroom is provided in the registration area.


Is there a wi-fi connection in the venue?

Yes, the venue has a secure Wi-Fi connection. The required information and login details will be displayed on panels during the event.


Do I need to register for every session?

No, it is not necessary to register for every seminar session. However, you must register for the  #wine2wineLabs, which are limited to 40 – 60 people. The auditorium has a seated capacity of 600 people, while the Puccini room, Salieri and Vivaldi have a capacity of around 200 people. The Business Arena can accommodate around 60 people, while the # wine2wineLab room accommodates between 40 – 60 people. We suggest going early to the room where the session of interest will take place in order to secure your place.


How many rooms are there for the seminars and workshops?

There are 6 rooms in which the sessions will be held: the main Auditorium, Sala Salieri, Sala Vivaldi, Sala Puccini, Business Arena and the #wine2wineLab. At the entrance to each room, a host will scan your badge.


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