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Elizabeth Gabay MW

Elizabeth Gabay MW

Independent journalist, educator, consultant and author

A Master of Wine for 22 years—and based in southeast France for most of this period—Elizabeth Gabay has positioned herself at the midpoint between Piedmont and the Rhone Valley. She specializes in the wines of Southern France and the Mediterranean, as well as those of the central European countries of Hungary and Slovakia—all regions that enjoy a wide range of indigenous grape varieties and unique wines. She counts rosé wine among her areas of specialty. She writes for numerous publications—both hard copy and online—including Decanter, The Buyer, Drinks Business, Imbibe, Vince (Hungary), Civiltà del Bere, Provencewinezine, and more. Elizabeth gives masterclasses and presentations, geared toward both those in the trade and the general public, and she commonly participates in international competitions.

"What can we learn from Provence? A rosé perspective"

Within 30 years, Provence managed to turn a backwater wine region producing rustic quality wines into one of the most commercially successful wine-producing regions, maintaining a strong export market and an increasingly high profile. How did they achieve this and what might topple them from their pre-eminent position in the coming years?

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