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23-24 November 2020
Claire Dawson

Claire Dawson

Claire Dawson

Claire Dawson

PR, Communication & Marketing Consultant in the Wine & Spirits Industry

Claire Dawson, of Scottish and Irish origin, has lived in France for over twenty years. After having completed her BA in Montreal, she spent some time in the Loire Valley, France, where her love for wine started. In 2009 she and her family moved to Bordeaux and Claire pursued her studies with an MBA in Wine, Food and Luxury at the INSEEC Business School.

Since then she has worked to promote classified estates in France and abroad (UK, USA & Canada, China, Japan etc). High-end promotional events with starred chefs, food & wine pairing conferences or masterclasses are some of the ways in which she highlights the wines and relates the history and heritage of the prestigious estates. Claire is the international project manager at the PR agency OZCO; she helps various wineries build brand awareness in key international markets, generate press coverage and designs tailor made events. TUTIAC is one of her clients.

"Communication and event strategies for Italian wineries"

TUTIAC, France’s largest sustainable coop 

Tutiac is the largest cooperative in France. It produces 40 million bottles per year from its 300 000 hectoliters of wine from 8 production sites. Its approach to winemaking is sustainable and over the past years it has acquired the necessary resources to achieve environmental responsibility. The aim is simple: to lead by example and this in the scale of the 6000 hectares of vineyards.

Several specific points will be covered: the history and the values of the winery’s model, the team’s involvement, the commitment to the environment and its drive for innovation. We will look at how this model fits in to the larger Bordeaux Wine market and the current problems it entails: pesticides, opposition between small chateaux and Grands Crus, the growing competition with old and new world wines and the “old fashion” perception of Bordeaux and the challenges that we face. We will explore the solutions that TUTIAC is developing to face these problems and how we strive to meet the consumers’ expectations: environmental commitments, new branding, new ranges, consumers studies, adaptation of our price points, merging with other producer, whilst considering the commercial outcome for the company.


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