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Save the date 18-19 October 2021

Armando Corsi

Armando Corsi

Assoc. Prof - Team Leader Wine Business

Dr. Armando Maria Corsi is an Associate Professor in Wine Business at the University of Adelaide. His research focuses on the analysis of consumer behavior, particularly in relation to wine and other premium foods and beverages. Dr. Corsi has served as chief investigator on major projects funded by Wine Australia that examine the effects of non-price promotions in store, track the ever-changing Chinese wine market, improve techniques to describe wines to Asian consumers, and explore the most effective forms of wine education. More recently, Dr. Corsi completed two projects regarding Australian perceptions of wine, key competitors by trade, and key influencers and suppliers in the United States and the United Kingdom. He’s a member of the Editorial Board of Food Quality and Preference, the International Journal of Market Research, the Wine and Viticulture Journal, and Economia e Diritto Agroalimentare. Armando is author of more than 70 peer reviewed articles, book chapters, and trade papers on wine and food marketing.

"How to Focused Marketing Efforts in the USA?"

How can you tell if the wines importers/distributors list in their portfolios—or that retailers stock on their shelves—are the wines consumers really want? This session will explore how closely the wine preferences of U.S. consumers align with those of U.S. trade operators. It will demonstrate how you can improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts in the United States through a new instrument called “The U.S. Wine Marketing Tool,” designed to facilitate your strategic planning sessions.

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