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Download wine2wine app from


• Enter the same e-mail address to which the information on the APP has been sent

• Enter the code indicated in the email

• Create your personal account by entering a new password of your choice

• Accept privacy


A welcome page will open with more information about the App.

Clicking on the three lines at the top left will open the menu.

We recommend that you REGISTER AS A PARTICIPANT!


Simply go to the COMMUNITY page and click on “Register as a participant”, by doing this you can connect with other visitors, send them private messages, write on the event newsfeed and so much more.


COMMUNITY: where you can comment, write posts, receive push notifications, tag other participants, see service information during the event, post photos, ask questions and much more. A bit like the facebook wall!


PARTICIPANTS: you will find all the participants at the event with their personal profile. You will be able to connect with each one by clicking on the + symbol to the right. By clicking on CONNECTIONS you will find a list of all the participants with whom you have connected.

You can send them a private message by clicking on their icon and attaching photos, videos or your position.

You will be sent a notification each time someone writes to you or wants to connect with you.


PROFILE: by clicking on your icon at the top right, through the gear symbol, you can access your personal profile, this is where you can add all your information and link your social media channels.


Within the menu you can also access the PROGRAM icon


Here you will find all the sessions that you can follow during the event. You can add each session to your personal agenda by clicking on the + symbol to the right.


Within each session you will find the DISCUSSION icon where you can ask questions by tagging the speaker,  the stars will allow you to evaluate the seminar.

Are you having difficulty downloading the app?

Are you having trouble entering your information?

Or are you having trouble understanding how it works?

Write to or call 045 8101447



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