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23-24 November 2020

Anne Victoire Monrozier

Anne Victoire Monrozier

Founder and brand ambassador Miss Vicky Wine and Co-founder of Vinocamp

The digital made me. It’s been 10 years now since I opened my wine blog Miss Vicky Wine, to learn about wine and to help my family vineyard. I have since developed a wine brand: Les Vins de Vicky and organised about 30 Vinocamps. These events gather the wine industry to talk about the communication and consumption of tomorrow, they are aimed at fostering innovation and synergies in the wine industry. I’ve become a natural expert in wine and social media and I help winemakers on the way. My brand image is modern, different, but also tells my story. It’s part of today’s trend to democratize wine. As I was first known as a wine blogger, I’ve transferred this on to my products : personalized, aesthetic, easy to recognize and social. To select my wines, I first used my online community, they vote for my wine labels and help select the juices. Today I focus on Beaujolais and Château des Moriers. Let’s make the difference!

"Branding on social media"

When Anne-Victoire started working in social media 10 years ago, the face of the web was different and Facebook and Twitter new. The social web belonged to forums and blogs, there was still some space to become someone. It’s also when she started working in wine, in a world surrounded by men, and old fashioned label, especially in the traditional France beverage industry. What applied to her at the time is still true today, but the social media audience has changed and expanded, network come and go, they have their own rules and algorithm that can be disrupted in a few weeks. They can be expensive. The face of the market has changed too, and wine sales on the Internet. Building a brand online is more than ever a real challenge that involves a global strategy but the same basics apply. We’ll check out the steps to succeed. How to build a community using a series of event valuable to your brand and the consumer, how to be seductive, personal and didactic, how to make your brand visible online.


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