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Save the date 18-19 October 2021

Alessio Puddu

Alessio Puddu

Brand Partnerships Manager of WeTransfer

Alessio Puddu is a creative and innovative digital marketing professional. He lives in Amsterdam and today he looks after the WeTransfer Italian market with the main aim of supporting the Italian brands to unlock the unique advertising opportunities offered by the platform. Alessio was born in Sardinia and studied at the Universities of Paris, Warsaw and Cagliari. He began his career in the digital industry in Budapest where within Crowd Mobile (now Crowd Media) he held various roles, parting with the company with the role of Country Manager Italy. Right after he pursued the American music dream and flew to Nashville, Tennessee to work at Sony Music Nashville. After the USA adventure he returned to Europe, Amsterdam where Crowd Media has just opened the new Influencer Marketing Agency and Alessio held the role of Business Development Manager. His passion for art and advertising then led him to meet and join the team of the Dutch company WeTransfer.

"File-sharing, creativity and value. WeTransfer, a clear way to promote wine as an art form"

WeTransfer, with 60 million users monthly worldwide, is an ideal digital platform for increasing brand awareness using a high level of creativity. It’s an art gallery where brands can add value to their product and promote online sales. Case studies from various industry sectors will be shared. For the wine sector, this will focus on the Pasqua Wines campaign in the USA.

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