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Alessandro Rinaldi

Alessandro Rinaldi

Owner of Dof Consulting and Co-founder of the Smart Engagement Network

Alessandro Rinaldi stands at the helm of DOF Consulting, and he’s a co-founder of the Smart Engagement Network where he works internationally on social community growth through art and learning models centered around experience. Alessandro fulfills consulting and training projects for large Italian and international companies, and he has authored numerous publications on the development of personal and organizational potential.

"The Wine Village - Play to discover your company’s strong suits as well as areas needing improvement"

The current Coronavirus emergency has brought to the forefront those businesses that are best able to respond and adapt in the face of crises, those that are organized and that have the right personnel with the correct skills within their ranks. Understanding your own company’s strengths and weaknesses, and trying to figure out what human resources with the right mix of qualities and skills are needed to further your mission, becomes ever more important if you, as a wine producer, hope to remain competitive. Wine People, along with their partners, have created a virtual game that allows organizations to perform a quick, fun company analysis, based on key factors that wine business owners and managers have identified as their most important points. The game unfolds in a role-playing format, situated in the “Wine Village,” with characters ranging from the shaman to the fire-keeper. Participants discover, through interactions, which professional figures and capacities are lacking within their organization.

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