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Why participate in Wine2Wine?

// new format at Wine2Wine: 30+15+15 minutes
30 minutes to learn
+15 minutes to interact
+15 minutes to connect
=60 minutes to improve your business!

// #W2WLAB: Wine2Wine workshops
// B2B meetings
// trends and influences from all over the world
// the professional wine community
// …all in one APP

New format!

30' to learn

15' to interact

15' to connect

= 60' to improve your business


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Preliminary Topics at Wine2Wine

AR you VReady? Exploring new Augmented and Virtual Reality opportunities for the wine industry Hybridity as the innovation for the future Wine tourism: regulations and opportunities Italian wine education: the new Vinitaly International Academy Ecosystem How to build a digital wine community in China Luxury brand communication and women’s leadership: Margareth Henriquez shares her story How to send your wines to Wine Spectator 10 do’s and dont’s to promote wine in Russia Marketing wine to young women in Asia Discovering Koshu and Japanese wine Wine podcasts around the world: the craft of audio storytelling Regional brand building in Hungary The landscape of online wine in the US market: the leading companies for sales, marketing, and awareness The changing face of DTC retail for super premium wines in the USA The wine & spirits auction market: special focus on Italy and China The Wine Lexicon Project: understanding Chinese consumers’ vocabulary about wine Brazil, the real deal: opportunities and pitfalls of an alluring country How wine brands grow From Berlin to Tokyo and to Luanda: why a mission statement is not enough to be successful How to write a persuasive press release Disruption in the world of Grand Crus: the Future of Fine Wines Italian fine wine in Svezia: Examples from a wine collectors’ club Microbic biodiversity for the territory’s and the vine’s health, as well as for the authenticity of a wine



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