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25-26 November 2019 | Buy tickets
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Why come to wine2wine?


Wine producers and other industry professionals have the opportunity to remain informed about the latest trends in the wine world. Our emphasis on practical knowledge means you will leave with actionable tools to improve your wine business. wine2wine‘s seminar format encompasses: 30 minute presentations + 15 minute question and answer sessions. These 45-minute seminar sessions allow participants to interact directly with expert speakers and other participants and to share business ideas.


Wine2wine is designed to encourage networking between wine producers and a wide variety of industry professionals and experts across the wine value chain. The forum brings together every member of the wine industry: two days in close contact with export and import managers, cellar owners, wine producers, digital marketing managers, consultants, influencers and many more. wine2wine provides unparalleled opportunities for wine professionals to build networks through both informal engagements and structured business and networking spaces and sessions.


Wine2wine features #w2wLabs, interactive training workshops reserved for a small number of participants. The workshops are designed to provide attendees with practical tools related to the latest strategies of wine marketing, communication and management. Participants can expect to leave with fresh ideas on how to best communicate, broadcast and grow their businesses in the wine industry, utilizing different channels and media: websites, apps, social media, blogs, vlogs, podcasts and press.


The activities and meetings that take place at wine2wine provide opportunities forvarious wine professionals to get in touch with each other. The event also makes time for structured B2B meetings so that wine producers can meet directly with buyers. wine2wine makes it easy to establish new relationships, both in Italy as well as with international buyers from major and emerging markets such as the USA, Korea, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Russia and China.


Wine2wine encourages the export of Italian wine throughout the world by inviting international speakers and top experts with expertise on the most important and promising export markets. wine2wine is, in short, an opportunity for Italian producers to work towards building competitiveness and expanding their sales network in a targeted manner.


Wine2wine is the definitive event for the community of wine professionals. It is the ideal context for constructive discussion on the most important issues and opportunities relatedto the wine business. The creative energy that is unleashed when we bring together our diverse experience and expertise has the potential to fashion a brighter future for the international wine sector. The event also provides exciting opportunity to consolidate your networks and pinpoint new opportunities to promote your business.


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